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Catering Services

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Catering Services

Food for Indians is a big deal. It is an important part of a wedding ceremony as well. Nobody can be happy and have fun when hungry. We are known to arrange and offer best catering services in Delhi, especially for wedding ceremonies.

What we offer?

We’ll give you a choice of different menus to help choose the perfect blend of Indian and global cuisines. We’ll take care of:

  • Delivery of the food
  • Arrangement and presentation (it’s important that food looks appealing)
  • The wedding cake
  • Cocktails (if you choose to have them during your wedding feast)
  • Table and seating arrangement

Why us?

Deciding the menu for over a 100 guests, their seating plan, taking care of the order, etc. can be tiresome. You should be out there enjoying and not caring about the details of whether the cake arrived. Leave that to us and we’ll make your food woes go away.

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